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4 Most Devastating Catch Wrestling Holds
Hey guys,
I am super pumped to have you reading this. I have spent a ton of time trying to figure out why catch wrestling isn’t a more dominant sport of the grappling world. I mean there are the obvious things, it’s hard, it’s not really well known outside of grappling, and it has a black mark on it because so many of the techniques you see online are outdated, poorly done, and would NEVER work in a live situation, let alone against some of the best guys in the world! But the SINGLE biggest problem that I have seen with Catch Wrestling is…..
It isn’t being taught by anyone still actively competing. 
That is it. 
Of course indian deathlocks look cool. 
The Boston Crab is brutal. 
And the Camel Clutch is a classic.
And the Dragon Sleeper, well…. we will get back to that one… [wink]
But, if anyone in my gym got caught in any of those by anyone close to their experience, they are gone. 
So what I have decided to do is compose a 4 part mini series of the most brutal, AND STILL EFFECTIVE TODAY, submission holds in Catch Wrestling. 
These are all tried and true, and competition tested at the highest level by yours truly. I felt the need to film this series as a way to accomplish two things. The first, was to help people passionate about Catch Wrestling further their journey on the love of Catch with quality instruction from one of the few active Catch Wrestlers left. The second, and probably most important is to help spread the art to others who are either unaware of the value of Catch Wrestling, or just don’t have access to someone walking the walk, instead of just talking the talk.

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Face Lock
"...One of the best in the game..."
“One of the best in the game, Johnny buck always puts out top quality material and has personally taking time out of his day to answer my questions”
- William Perez Coach at Iron Forged Martial Arts
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“Real catch wrestling from a real carny lineage”
- Adam Dehart, Pro MMA Fighter, Catch Wrestling 10+ years
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“Johnny Buck is a man who puts it on the line. 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu, Catch as Catch Can Wrestling, MMA, the man can make you a good grappler.”
-Ted Wurz, Active catch wrestler and coach
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